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The Long Money Game

Panelists Charles Newman, Shyan Selah and Alonzo Robinson laugh together at The Artist Workshop: The Long Money Game.

Last weekend, a captivating Artist Workshop on music publishing and licensing took place, offering aspiring musicians an invaluable opportunity to deepen their understanding of these crucial aspects of the music industry. Attendees were exposed to a wealth of knowledge and practical insights, equipping them with the tools necessary to navigate the complex world of music publishing and licensing. Let’s recap the highlights of this empowering event and the key takeaways that participants gained from their immersive experience.

The workshop kicked off with an introduction of special guests: Alonzo Robinson, Sr. Vice President of A&R at SS Global Entertainment who’s also formerly served as the Sr. VP at Royalty Exchange and Sr. Director of Black Music West Coast for ASCAP in Los Angeles;  as well as Charles Newman: musician, producer, and founder of Mother West Records and Studios out of New York City. 

Participants were introduced to the history and importance of music publishing in protecting and monetizing musical compositions. Key concepts such as copyright basics, the rights of songwriters and composers, and the vital role of performing rights organizations (PROs) in collecting royalties were covered in detail. Understanding these fundamentals laid the groundwork for artists to effectively protect their creative works and capitalize on their potential.

Unlocking the World of Music Licensing

One of the workshop’s focal points was music licensing, a gateway for artists to have their music featured in diverse media platforms. Through real-life case studies and interactive sessions, artists learned how to navigate licensing opportunities in films, TV shows, advertisements, and video games. The workshop emphasized the significance of building relationships with music supervisors, licensing agencies, and other industry professionals to maximize exposure and revenue generation. Practical tips were shared on how to negotiate licensing deals in the digital realm and navigate the complexities of digital royalties and monetization, as well as how much an artist can earn from these types of deals.

The Artist Workshop on Music Publishing and Licensing one of our most favorite types of workshops to present because it underscores the fact that artists don’t have to “starve” for their art. This is the business behind the music industry that provides a steady stream of income if you know how to navigate it right. Armed with newfound knowledge, practical insights, and industry connections, participants left the workshop empowered to navigate the complexities of music publishing and licensing and elevate their careers to new heights.

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