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All About the Artist Workshop

The entertainment business is one of the most lucrative yet mysterious industries for those aiming to break in. Beyond the lights, cameras, and stages, there is a whole universe (that often combines other industries) working behind the scenes to present the magic of music, film, television, professional sports, and fashion to the masses. Contrary to what people think, there are many more opportunities to get started in show business than just being “discovered” as the next great talent.

The Artist Workshop aims to remove some of the mystique around the term “show business” and includes the various roles and careers, departments, and markets that make the industry run – each of them reliant on their own “Artists” or icons that take their craft to the next level. This workshop series teaches practical applications to give performing artists, as well as budding entrepreneurs, a solid foundation as it pertains to working in the industry of entertainment.

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A Collaboration

The Artist Workshop is presented by The Shyan Selah Foundation in partnership with Brave New World Enterprises, a multi-faceted boutique entertainment company operating between Seattle and Los Angeles with record label, music and film production, publishing, and media and marketing divisions. Our business was designed in the spirit of traditional Entertainment Companies. Inspired by our many creative and strategic partners such as Disney, Universal, WB and others, our business culture prides itself on developing amazing talent and creating and participating in dynamic projects for music, film, TV, fashion, and technology. Part of what makes us stand out is our dedication to education and development of young artists and entrepreneurs. 

Our Founder
Shyan Selah
Shyan Selah Speaking

Shyan Selah has over 20 years professional experience in the music and entertainment industry. He is the Founder/CEO of Brave New World and has worked in unique and viable alliances with industry powerhouses such as Apple, INgrooves, The Orchard, ASCAP, BMI, NBA, NFL, MLB, AMAZON, Youtube, Facebook, and others. His current project, Café Noir, is a multi-media live music experience with an educational and community outreach focus. After being a featured panelist at some of the entertainment industry’s biggest music conventions, Shyan Selah realized there was a need for programs that highlight creative talent with a deep focus on the development of the necessary professional skills that actually run the entertainment industry worldwide.

“There is no superstar without the super team behind them.” – Shyan Selah

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A Sample of Our Workshops

Workshop topics may include but not be limited to:

Public Relations and Publicity



Legal and Contracts


Building a Team