Candice Richardson

Candice Richardson

Brave New World Enterprises, The Shyan Selah Foundation
17 Years

Featured Workshops

Theme: Entertainment Business 101
Theme: The Music Artist
Theme: Making the Deal
Theme: All Things Production
Theme: The Actor
Theme: Making Magic: The Creative Process
Theme: Getting to the People: PR & Marketing

Executive Vice President

As the Executive VP of Brave New World Enterprises Candice has been a key producer of many events and media projects over the last 17 years. She also works with, manages, and oversees Brave New World’s music and film productions, management, marketing, and media and promotions divisions as it relates to products, projects, and events for their music and creative artists and brand clients. She’s hands on everything from helping artists to create their brand including building websites and media training, to acquiring sponsors for events, and getting media coverage and more. She proudly oversees the BNW internship program.